Cycling For Weight Loss, Does Cycling Really Help You Lose Weight?

September 9, 2016How to Start Cycling to Lose Weight

A cycling regimen synthesizes the best parts of heart-strengthening cardio exercise with the rigor of toning, fat-burning workouts. With proper equipment and a little practice, you can build up a program that will help you lose weight and develop your athletic abilities. Cycling is proven to burn calories, improve heart health, and to have only a mild impact on joints.

Here’s a few facts that you should know about cycling weight loss:

You can go quick and fast or you can got long and slow.


          Getting Started

Once you have your bike and all necessary equipment, including a secure, well-fitted helmet, a set of bright bike lights to enhance your security and exercise clothes that won’t impede your range of motion, you’re ready to get out there and start exercising. Here are a few quick tips.

  • Start Slow and build up.
  • Apps like can keep you on track and record your progress.
  • Try to join a local cycling club, work out with likeminded people will keep you motivated and  help learn the ins and outs.

          Building Endurance

If you’re new to cycling, building stamina may prove a challenge. By staying hydrated and nourished you can assure that your body is operating at peak efficiency. Slowly increasing the distances you travel will naturally begin to add to your constitution. The process of building up to peak condition is a very long one, so you’ll need to exercise patience in pursuing your goals.

Remember that all exercise tears muscles, so taking days off to rest and to let your body heal is absolutely necessary. If you develop any soreness or pain while pursuing your goals, give yourself the time you need to recover before getting back out there and pushing your limits. And remember that for torn and overused muscles, heat, not cold, is the way to go.

          Staying Motivated

Try cycling with a friend or with a cycling club. It’s a lot harder to skip out on your commitments when they involve other people, so a road buddy can really help you maintain your regimen and continue working through your program. Here are a few other ways you can work to motivate yourself:

  • Choose a marathon or competition to train for
  • Time your routes and try to beat your own records
  • Position a destination you enjoy, like a friend’s house or a favorite coffee shop, at the end of your route. It’s okay to treat yourself!

Once you’ve put in the hours to build up your cycling habit, you should start to see improvements in your health and fitness. It won’t be long until you’re cycling for long hauls, snacking on the road like a pro, and enjoying the body you’ve worked hard to shape and tone.

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